The story of “us” is a love story a little over two decades in the making. Jenny and Luke met early in their careers at a time when their personal lives were on different paths. As fate would have it, their paths crossed again in 2018.  


Jenny and Luke were both professionals in the mental health and social work field. They were both committed to helping the individuals and families in their community. They joyfully dedicated their lives to serving others. It was their love and passion for humanity that brought them together. What blissfully ensued after their serendipitous reunification; was the merging of two families under the love, commitment, and vows of marriage. Little did they know that their family wasn’t complete just yet! Their family grew in a short time with the surprise blessing of a seventh child.  It was the birth of this child, Adeline Rose, that gave rise to the idea of drastically changing their lifestyles to focus on a simpler more hands-on approach to family and everyday life.

With thoughtful discussion and a purposeful mission in mind, Luke and Jenny purchased a house, land, and a local vineyard within their community that they have loved and fostered for so long. They desired to cultivate the land and instill in their children a love and appreciation for vineyards. Additionally, they also want to begin the process of transitioning the five acres of existing vines to an all-organic vineyard. The goal is to be completely organic and sustainably sourced by 2027.  Jenny and Luke commit to producing a wine that is as unique and beautiful as the Kentucky soil it is grown in. Come join us in celebrating this chapter of our lives, Arbor Stone Vineyards will be open soon.